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Bouwknopen is a project started by the school Odisee. They contacted us to design and develop the website and make the 3D animations. My task was to invent a great design to hold all the animations and design the first animation as a base model for students. Together with my colleague we helped our students replicate all animations and applied the finishing touches.

The animations were built in Sketchup at Odisee, then we animated them in Cinema 4D.

Speed Building System

3D Visualisation

Speed Building System Belgium needed some 3D videos to clearly show how their system works.
These videos are meant to be used as digital presentations before taking a client to the real deal.

Cinema 4D and After Effects were the go-to tools for this project.

The first video explains how the building system is easy to use and up to 7x faster than usual.
The second video explains how the isolation is very efficient in keeping water out even when there is no mortar in between bricks.

Both videos are used at the Batibouw 2016 fair.


Interactive software tutorials

Bouncy is my graduation project. I made up the whole concept, the design and the demo movie. All of that is based on intensive research throughout the entire year.

The (online) teaching system almost always follows the same pattern: A teacher teaches a large number of different students. All manner of gadgets are used to improve the teaching of this mass, but the differences between the individual pupils continues to be an obstacle. A huge number of variations are possible, as regards prior knowledge, rate of learning, learning limitations, motivation, talent, etc. If each individual is given the option of a made-to-measure lesson, this lesson reaches each and every pupil more effectively than if they are simply treating as one of the crowd.

With Bouncy I strived to create a system where newbies to Photoshop could learn using the software in an interactive and simple way. A compact module is directly placed in the software and guides the pupil on the basis of his acts. Through the incorporation of “gamification” the dull and monotonous content is turned into an interactive, motivational and fun whole.

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Innogè Labs

Logo Design

Innoge Labs builds mobile apps for consumers and businesses.

I chose a slick and clean style for their logo combined with an insinuating shape to communicate the company’s straightforwardness and thoughtfulness.

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Studying in Flanders


This design ended up on the second place in a competition for “Studying in Flanders” and the suitcase concept will be used in their future projects. I was part of a team of 5 designers, my task was designing the website.


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Tutorial Gamification

Gamified tutorials

As a preparation for my graduation project “Bouncy”, I made this first attempt on a tutorial plugin for Photoshop. The primary focus was on gamification and motivation through design.

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Futuristic Portfolio

Movie demo

It is important for me to ignore all limits from time to time and design something beyond the conventional boundaries.
With this project I made a demo movie of a portfolio design that represents me in concept, visual style, movement and content.

I got inspired by video games like Portal and music videos such as Björk – All you need is love.

Dream Visualisation

Abstract animation

I’m not afraid of taking a shot on experimental motion graphics. In this case I tried to visualize the system of dreams, not one specific dream. As I have a personal philosophy about dreams and their influence on our daily lives, I found it suiting to create this dark chaotic mass which represents this philosophy.

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Logo Design

A logo I made for a local physiotherapist who works with products based on the Aloë Vera plant. The typical green color of the plant is used in the logo. Also the shape of the hands arose from leave shapes.

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Vert Tiger

Logo Design

This is a logo for an ecological design & hosting business.

  • marathonlogo

Marathon Realty Group

Real Estate Logo

A serious, professional and steady image was needed for this logo.
I tried to achieve this with the simplicity and a straightforward visual language.

  • puzzlepiecez

Puzzle Piecez

Logo Design

Puzzle Piecez is a business promoting young creatives of all fields. Since the logo would be placed on music videos as a watermark I chose the 5 bars at the top as a representation of music equalizers. Those bars also got animated for use on YouTube music “videos” without an actual video clip.

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Dealicious is a made-up eCommerce website selling T-shirts. Every day 1 shirt gets featured and sold with big savings.
Apart from that I thought out a basic plan about a referral system that could turn this into a profitable website, just for fun.

The T-shirt on the homepage called “Brainsketball” is my own design by the way.

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De Zaak Alzheimer

Immersive Web Design

The official website of the movie “De zaak alzheimer” / “The memory of a killer” didn’t communicate the same atmosphere as the movie does. Therefore I designed a concept where  immersion would be the key element of the website.
This project was just a practice and is not affiliated with the movie whatsoever.